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Ticket Prices & Touring Plan

Tickets 150 Kr - 200 Kr

Children under the age of 3 are admitted free of charge in an adult company.

Børn ( 0-3 ) Gratis
Børn ( 3-14 ) 150 Kr
Voksen 200 Kr

NOTE !!!
* Tickets can only be purchased on site!
* Unfortunately, we can not take cards, so bring cash.
* The cashier opens half an hour before the show starts.
(Unless otherwise stated)

We start the show in the following places:

•   •   •
Coming soon

Coming soon

Scrap trucks are bought

Monstertruck is looking for a playmate! For every show we perform, we need about 5 scrap trucks. We bring our own car as we come and pick up your scrapbook. During the show we will demolish the car, which will then be left to an authorized image mount for scrapping.

We are mainly looking for cars that can run for their own machine. So there is no problem with
# rust
# bad brakes
# hard start
# easily crashed

But we are also interested in cars / bodywork that just rolls.

Klaas-Stuntmen ... available for events & celebrations
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